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The DIPTAPE Mixtape


Now available through online music distributors and right here on our own website.


Our Team

Based internationally, TheDREAMERS have consistently produced music that pushes the technical boundaries of what music could and should be. 

We are a collective of rappers, producers, singers, song writers, DJs, and graphic designers.



Ryan Seymour is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, executive producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Sey attended DePaul University before founding TheDREAMERS in 2012, recruiting producers and artists such as AX and GORDO.



Alex Abraham, better known by his stage name AX, is a UK record producer, musician, and blogger. A prominent figure in hip hop, AX is the main producer of the TheDREAMERS. He has produced almost all of TheDREAMERS' albums as well as many of TheDREAMERS solo and affiliate projects.


DJ Trakboy

Brandon Boyce, known professionally as DJ Trakboy, is an American record producer and DJ. Trakboy's first full credit production work was in 2017 on Pray For The Weak 2 for Sey.



Darius Gordon, known by his stage name GORDO, is an American rapper and multimedia artist. In 2017, GORDO founded Make The Hood Great Again



David Pearson, better known by his stage name newdarkage, is a UK record producer. He embarked on his music career as a member of the critically acclaimed hip hop forum KanyeToThe.


Tour Dates 2019


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