Travel Log: Medellín, Colombia

Travel Log is a segment where we interview our friends on their craziest times abroad. This story comes from our good friend Ravi over at Run The Trap.

Sey: Tell me about one of your wild stories or at least top 3 crazy stories.

Ravi: I was going to this place and got an Uber. It's fucking crazy. I didn't think they'd have Uber in Medillin. I get the Uber and the guy comes over here chattin' about [something] and then I realize this dude is also an American as well, which is hilarious because I figured he would've heard that based on the way I was talking Spanish. We're just going about it, put the address in, he starts taking me over, lovely chat and everything, but as we get in towards the place it just starts getting a little bit more and more sketch and then we finally get to the address that I'm at. Alright, this is where my buddy's supposed to live at and this is literally in the middle of a fucking favela.

So, this dude's like, "Are you sure your friend lives here?". The thing is, the work my friend does with reintegration, I figured he would live in a favela. I was like, "It's all good". The driver was very insistent. He kept telling me I shouldn't be here. I was like, "Chill the fuck out. I'll be fine." So then, keep in mind too, I literally have all my shit with me that I've been travelling with. Everything I packed for 6 months is with me at this point. Laptop- everything. I get out of the cab, walk up to the address, knock on the door, and some random ass motherfuckers answer. I'm like, "OK, you're not Nick." And so I was like, "Shit, I'm in a fucking favela right now".

I was trying to find a cab and two guys start following me asking where I'm from. I could tell immediately that they were not curious about my safety. I start walking faster and they start coming after me and shit. I just drop my bags and idiotically start getting prepared to fight these guys. All of a sudden, these windows start fucking opening up and they're yelling, "We know who you are!", and the guys run off after some dude runs out with a gun. I thought they were trying to attack me. I'm telling them I got lost and they explained they were trying to make sure I wasn't getting robbed. Turned out he was an off-duty officer. Everyone's asking if I'm OK. They thought I was Colombian as well. I told them, "Nah, I'm from America, but I'm Indian." It was so funny. They had so many questions about India. It was amazing though, they just called a taxi driver and the guy took me to Mas Americas for free. I got to my buddy's place. No harm done. I never imagined. If I was over here? I don't think anyone would ever do that for me if I was getting robbed. You know what I mean? It blew my mind. That's why Medellin is so close to my fucking heart. The people are so kind and so caring. As long as you don't fuck with them, they'll be your best friend. There's no reason to fuck with them. It was so heartwarming. That could've been bad. The bad Colombia story. How I got all my shit robbed in Colombia. It turned out everyone saved my ass, because they're good people and the culture is like that. That's the best shit right there.