Friendly: England v Spain [Review]

Tonight England took on Spain at Wembley in what wasn't just a friendly. While some may say friendly games don't count for anything, that isn't at all true. They give managers the chance to test out ideas and players that they perhaps wouldn't in a competitive match. 

For England we saw an effective counter-attacking trio made up on Raheem Sterling, Jamie Vardy and Theo Walcott. England's biggest strength is clearly the pace up-front and with the full backs but up until today we haven't really seen that in full effect. This was definitely a positive for England however after going 2-0 up they should have been smart enough to leave the attackers up front and the midfielders and full backs sitting back. 

For Spain this allowed them to come back into the game. While England kept up their attacks it allowed the Spaniards to gain more space in the final 3rd. The substitutions of Alvaro Morata and Isco in the 63rd minute also gave Spain's midfield magicians a whole lot more to work with. The two provided the runs needed to cut through England's defence and eventually equalise the game in the final seconds. 

This friendly will hopefully prove useful for both managers as each team definitely showed good signs but also things that need to be worked on.