#100DOD: The Samples

Get It Right Back (Prod. AX)  

Samples: BADBADNOTGOOD – Kaleidoscope (Kaytranada's Flip), Ginuwine – Tell Me Do U Wanna 

Kantranada's sound is one which many genre labels could be attached to but for now let’s go with electronic/dance. When I heard this flip of BADBADNOTGOOD's "Kaleidoscope" I immediately thought that it would be perfect to then flip it again into a rap song with boom-bap drums.

Vocals from Ginuwine's "Tell Me Do U Wanna" were added for extra touch.

Distances (Prod. AX)  

Sample: Mahaut Mondino – Forbidden Kiss 

Mahaut Mondino is a Paris born singer-songwriter who was commissioned to create this track for L'Oréal at the age of 17. The vibe that she forged with this track is one that is both haunting and hypnotic. The sample was slowed down and manipulated a little in order to further extend the feeling of growing insanity that Forbidden Kiss creates.

Finesse (Prod. AX & TI$CI) 

Sample: Blackbird Blackbird & AViDD - Bodies 

It would have been crazy not to sample the luscious pads and vocals from Blackbird Blackbird & AViDD's "Bodies" after hearing it.  I slowed down the sample and gave it a low pass filter and TI$CI added his own low pass filter and a trippy outro for extra sauce. I think it's safe to say that Sey and Roy French surfed on this track.  

Day 63 (Prod. Sey) 

Sample: Tupac "Thug Life" Speech at the 1993 Indiana Black Expo

Sey: I wanted to put this before ICFWU to explain my mind state when I was writing that song. The piano I put over it is from a beat Matty sent me. 

Know I (Prod. AX) 

Sample: TLC – Creep 

I asked Sey a few years back if there were any songs he wanted me to try sampling for him. Among the suggestions was TLC's "Creep". Creep has always been my favorite song of their's and so I was very happy that Sey wanted to work with it. I attempted it a few times but I never felt like I was giving it justice. I tried the sample again more recently and this time it felt like the R&B classic got it's proper treatment, hopefully you agree!  

Day 80 (Prod. Sey)

Sample: Altercation caught on LiveLeak

I needed something to amplify the intensity of "Freeze" and connect the story a little better so I started searching YouTube for police brutality videos and this clip captured the hostility and tenseness of the subject matter very efficiently. 

Freeze (Prod. Matty Fresh) 

Sample: One Way - Believe In Me

The sample for "Freeze" comes from a song that I listen to all the time. It's just one of those really smooth joints that you can just roll one up and chill to. The instrumentation in the this song is is really dope and the background vocals are super nice. It's actually been sampled a couple times from memory by other producers but that's not something I really take into consideration when I'm making music. I just make what I feel at the time. I've wanted to sample this song ever since I first heard it. 

Do (Prod. AX & Sey) 

Samples: The Hics – Lines, Alborosie – Police Polizia 

AX: Do's main sample is "Lines" by The Hics, an English electronica band formed in London in 2012. Multiple parts of this song were sampled for the production of Do. Chants, aggressive drums and additional vocals from Alborosie's "Police Polizia" were also added to make Do feel like the perfect blend of hip-hop, electronic, indie and reggae.  

Sey:  When AX sent me the beat, the parts that now have Alborosie's lyrics immediately reminded me of reggae. I'm Guyanese and I've always wanted to include that influence in my music. This seemed like the perfect opportunity and the trend of having patois on rap songs always intrigued me. I started out by searching "reggae acapella" on YouTube and would play the beat to see if anything popped up that meshed well. I came across Alborosie's "Police Polizia" and not only did it flow, the subject matter was spot on. It sounded as if we recorded that in the studio together. I only did a few chops here and there to tighten the flow, but it was dope getting to open FL Studio and flex that producer muscle. Production is a different type of expression and it was refreshing to work on it and be proud of the finished product. 

For The Night (Prod. AX & Sey) 

Samples: Dua Lipa – New Love (Jarreau Vandal Remix) ; Illmind's Vox Chops

 AX: I used the soft sounds from the intro of Jarreau Vandal's remix for Dua Lipa's "New Love" and combined them with 808s and trap drums in order to create an R&B/Trap song for Sey. I believe the contrast between the sample and the drums work well to mirror the conflicting sentiments expressed in Sey's songwriting. We have an EDM switch up in the song in order to try and once again cohesively blend genres together.  

Sey: Haha, I don't know what it was. I think the little bit I did on "Do" had me wanting to open up FL and get behind the boards again. I got the opportunity when we decided to cut the OG 2nd verse and make the song 3 verses so there was a need to restructure the beat a bit to make our idea work. I reworked it and could've stopped there but I was feeling a bit maximal and also wanted something totally left field to close the track out with. The original ending on For The Night was amazing already, but when I stumbled across Illmind's sample pack on YouTube, it was a perfect match. Plus, that OG ending ended up being re-purposed for the outro of the album and made that even doper so it all worked out.

Feelin Houston (Prod. AX)

Sample: Zaika – I Can’t Stop 

Zaika's "I Can't Stop" is a really cool and uptempo electronic song which you should definitely check out. I went ahead and slowed it down and as result you might feel like you took a trip to TX after pressing that play button.  

Actors (Prod. AX)

Sample: Raye – Bet U Wish

Raye is a UK artist who resides in London, her music has a nice blend of electronic and R&B sonics. I really like her songwriting too. I chose to sample "Bet U Wish" because over the last year or so we have seen tropical house and tropical pop. I wanted to apply this tropical sound to Rap to see how it would sound and Bet U Wish way a good way to achieve that. I also applied a lot of nature percussion and sounds. 

Towards the end of Actors there is a switch up, I refer to that part of the song as, "The Machine". This switch up was originally intended to be used on For The Night but we decided that it would be a great way to end the album. It sounds very glitchy and mechanical and towards the end as if it is breaking down. This is really the outro for the album, the conclusion to the story. We'll leave it up to you as to how to interpret it.  

A fan of sampling? Feel free to let us know what songs you'd like to hear sampled on future releases!