England 3 - Germany 2

In the last couple of decades England have been to put it lightly, disappointing. Tonight was a different story with the lions stealing the show from the current world champions.

With their seemingly unlimited quality, Germany were able to cruise to a 2-0 lead despite appearing to be quite disjointed. Harry Kane soon got England back into the game just 4 minutes after Germany's 2nd goal with a brilliant Cruyff turn before slotting the ball into the left side of the net. Jamie Vardy tied up the game with his first national team goal shortly after being subbed on with a sublime back heel shot which oozed confidence. 

With a 90' corner goal scored by Tottenham's Dier, England were able to score their 3rd comeback goal to make it 3-2 in the closing minutes. Germany were a little unlucky to lose the game when considering that Gomez's goal was incorrectly called offside in the first half.

Despite it only being a friendly game, England's midfield and attack is looking to be one which is definitely something to be excited about. Germany are still a force to be reckoned with but it is clear that they are longing for a striker which they can depend on for future tournaments.