Euro 2016: Belgium 0 - 2 Italy [Review]

Euro 2016 got off to a start in France on Friday night and today saw the opening games for Group E with the highlight fixture between Belgium and Italy. 

Italy has been described as having it's worst team in 50 years which in terms of individual quality may be true. Despite this they showed that passion, hard-work and organisation can be more valuable when it comes to deploying the right tactics to get the win. The 4-time world cup winners got the first goal of the game with a beautiful pass from the back by Juventus's Bonucci to allow Giaccherini a 1-on-1 with Belgium and Chelsea keeper Courtois. 

Belgium's best chance of the game was a counter attack which saw the ball go from Hazard to De Bruyne to Lukaku in quick succession. Lukaku found himself in good space however experienced keeper and Italy captain Buffon knew that he had to come out in order to close down Lukaku's angle at goal. It worked a treat with Lukaku's shot going wide as he failed to curl it into the net.

In the last 15 minutes Belgium were finally able to create some pressure but it was too little too late. Italy played it smart and counter attacked at the right time after Belgium had committed the majority of their players forward. Their organisation and unity allowed Italy to bomb forward with Southampton striker Pellè grabbing the second goal needed to secure the match. 

Stay tuned for more coverage this summer as we cover the biggest and best games from both Euro 2016 and Copa América.