Copa America Final: Argentina v Chile [Review]

Tonight saw Argentina and Chile duke it out for the Copa América Centenario which took place at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. It was a repeat of last year's final in which Chile took the victory but nonetheless Argentina were still the favourites to win. 

The first half was scrappy and absolutely littered with fouls and bookings, with Chile's Díaz sent off in the 28th minute and Argentina's Rojo sent off in the 42nd minute. To some degree this kind of atmosphere was expected but to this extent? Definitely not. At the end of the first half there were players from both sides confronting the referee with protest over his handling of the half. 

The 2nd half was a lot more tame with the players seemingly being weary of the trigger-happy ref. There were a few shots here and there but nothing to go crazy about, surprisingly we saw Di María and Higuaín subbed off for Argentina with the game dragging on to extra time. In ET Argentina were applying a lot of pressure and looked far more likely to score, but Chile defended well and worked hard enough to take the game to penalties, just like last year. 

Vidal took the first penalty which was surprisingly saved by Manchester United's Sergio Romero. Messi then took the first pen for Argentina and sent the ball to the stands. It was the first time the magician has ever missed in a shootout. The miss eventually cost him the international trophy he's been chasing his whole career with Silva getting Chile the winner.

You have to feel a little sorry for Argentina but Chile got better and better throughout the tournament and deserved the victory.