Pre-Season: Bayern Munich V AC Milan [Review]

It feels like just yesterday Euro 2016 ended, right? Well Soccer/football is already gearing up for the next season with many clubs playing overseas in friendly games.

Generally pre-season games are not the most energetic with players still building up their fitness after their time-off in the summer. Tonight was a different story with a game that saw 6 goals in regular time as well as a penalty shootout which ended 5-3 in Milan's favour. 

TheDREAMERS members Sey and AX both watched the game and Sey was lucky enough to attend the game live, here are their thoughts on the game: 

Sey: It was tight. Got to see 3 goals in the first half. Pretty exciting. Bayern tied it up at the end as we were leaving so I don't know the outcome, but it was live in there. Niang had crazy energy!

AX: What was most interesting for me about this game was Ancelotti's decision to play with Alaba, Bernat, Lahm and Rafinha all in the starting line-up, effectively playing with 2 fullbacks on each side. I can't imagine they will play with a similar system in the long-term but perhaps we'll see something similar to this in the Champion's League at some point next season.