#TBT @MTreyChicago - The Bridge

These days a new release from M-Trey is a bit of a rarity but nonetheless he has a great back catalogue full of gems and The Bridge is a great example of this. 

The uploader of the track gave a great review, here's what Stokely Calm had to say:

"This is Jazz-Hop, probably one of the most fluent, mellow jazzy Hip-Hop songs I've heard since Nieve's "Blackbird." Something for those late nights. "The Bridge" refers to a hypnotic connection (the sixth sense). It's a mental bridge that M-Trey presents, yet honest about this proposal: "pretentious to think I'm saving anybody but myself." It's really amazing the effort he put out here (since we know most rappers can't sing). He managed to create an original gem out of nothing but an innocent concept and his brand of idealism."