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[ThursdayFocus] Journeys with @JohnBerryPhotog (Vol. 1)

One of the great things about music is that it has the ability it has to take your mind to different times and different places. So for our latest ThursdayFocus series, we wanted to explore music’s ability to do this and there was no better artist to aid us in our journeys than our very own, John Berry.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journeys that these 3 songs will take you on.

[ThursdayFocus] ComplexCon Recap @Rare_awareness x @SeyMC

The action-packed ComplexCon recently stopped by Chicago and the homies Sey and Rare Awareness were in attendance. They recorded a recap of the event and spoke with Chicago artists including Brandon Breaux and Logik, who talked about their their work after running into The Starr Life at Half Evil.

The soundtrack also features glimpses of multiple new songs that you can expect to hear from Sey’s upcoming project, Hi-Fi Stereo II. Click that play button!

[ThursdayFocus] The Highlights of the 'Season' Series

For this week’s edition of ThursdayFocus, we’re reflecting on the Season series. The season series features 4 collections of music from our diverse roster of rappers, singers and producers.

These tracks are some of our personal favourites and we’re sure you’ll mess with them. Hit play!

[ThursdayFocus] The Remixes Vol. II

Back in January we gave you Vol. 1 which contained some of the best remixes from our artists and now we’re back for Vol. II.

[ThursdayFocus] The Art of Storytelling

For this week’s ThursdayFocus post we’re highlighting tracks from our artists which are narrative-heavy and showcase their ability to tell a story through their art.

Click below to check them out and if you like what you hear, be sure to share their work.