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[ThursdayFocus] Sounds for Summer Vol. II

There’s only a few weeks left of Summer now and whether you’re a fan of summer or you can’t stand the heat, we’ve put together a collection of songs that should serve pretty well as part of your soundtrack for the rest of the season.

Want more? Then make sure to check out Vol. 1.

[ThursdayFocus] The Highlights of the 'Season' Series

For this week’s edition of ThursdayFocus, we’re reflecting on the Season series. The season series features 4 collections of music from our diverse roster of rappers, singers and producers.

These tracks are some of our personal favourites and we’re sure you’ll mess with them. Hit play!

[ThursdayFocus] The Experiments Vol. II
Experiment Banner.jpg

As with Vol. I of The Experiments, this series highlights the times artists on our roster went in a more experimental direction when creating a track. Click play and enjoy something a little different.

Gordo details a party that sounds like Mario showed up with some of those shrooms….

Toll, one of the many standout tracks from BYAKII, a project with numerous Sey and Newdarkage collabs that aimed to push the envelope.

You might have seen the below video/clip of this guy freestyling on social media, and well, DEV.DEV decided to give the vocals some production and the result was not too bad at all.

Newdarkage decide to mix reggae/dancehall vibes with signature sound and it made for quite the explosive track.

This loosie by AX sounded like something you might hear at a nightclub in sci-fi movie or TV show.

[ThursdayFocus] @NewDarkAge's Best Standalone Tracks

In the last couple of years or so NewDarkAge has put out 3 fantastic projects, Play This Only at Daylight, NIGHTHAWK, and have blue.

The UK producer released a lot of great standalone tracks before these projects though and for this week’s edition of ThursdayFocus, we wanted to highlight our favorites.

Listen below and make sure to give NDA a follow on his Soundcloud and Twitter.