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[ThursdayFocus] The Boom Bap Tracks

Despite the charts being dominated by trap music these days, many of us Hip-Hop fans still love the boom bap sound and it it still an important part of rap music.

So for this week’s ThursdayFocus we’re celebrating those hard hitting boom bap raps and drums with some of the best songs and instrumentals from the squad. Listen below!

[ThursdayFocus] Who is @MNYGRNJR?

MNYGRNJR is a new musical project from Chicago and he’s been playing it pretty low-key so far. That however, is soon to change. The rapper/producer is planning to release his first EP this year and you can expect it to come packed with hard cloud-rap production as well as features from the likes of Sey and GoldchainVeto.

So what has MNYGRNJR done so far? Well, he co-directed Sey’s Pockets Up video and also contributed Onomatopoeia and Snatched It (listen above and below) on our most recent compilation, Season 4.

“Found out your chain was fake after I snatched it, found out your bitch’s pussy was trash after I smashed it, it’s all facts bitch”

You may actually already be more familiar with MNYGRNJR then you realize, he’s been here before... Make sure to keep those eyes peeled for the EP.

[ThursdayFocus] Trap Sey cc: @SeyMC

Sey is a versatile artist who has no problem at all rapping on a soulful beat one minute and then surfing on a house track the next. For the latest installment of ThursdayFocus we’re highlighting some of his best trap tracks.

Make sure to listen below and watch out for his new project Hi-Fi Stereo, it’s dropping very soon!


Times flies by and it's been over a year since this week's #TBT track dropped. Gone (produced by Ryan B) served as a quick introduction to Gordo's new name and new sound, the latter being aggressive yet melodic. 

Since then Gordo has released a few other singles on his Soundcloud and has been working on his upcoming debut which is coming real soon. Be on the lookout for that 🔥

#TBT @RealMattyFresh - Renegade

It's time for #TBT and this week we've got a track guaranteed to make you nod your head with Matty Fresh's 'Renegade'.  

Taken from Matty's 100 Thousand project, the track features hard boom-bap drums and bustling hi-hats over a serene sample. This is what Matty does best, he chops up a very musical maybe even pleasant-sounding sample and then gives it a whole new dimension with the aggression of Hip-Hop drums and his precise use of sample chopping. 

Be sure to look out for more tracks from Matty later this year and in the meantime don't forget to check out his latest solo project, 300 Thousand

#TBT @ProducerAX - Universe [LP]

With the New Year comes our first #TBT post. This week we're rewinding to AX's 2013 release, Universe

The project was put together in the winter of 2012 and you can hear it from the cold, dark and ethereal vibes throughout Universe. The album also saw AX first begin to experiment with house and other electronic genres which later became more and more prominent in his production. Also, there's some great features from Sey, PRXJECT & Cody DeCamry. 

Make sure to check AX's Soundcloud to hear more of his back catalogue. Hyperreality coming real soon!  

#TBT The Notorious B.I.G. - Machine Gun Funk (@Sxcrxt_lion Remix)

We've got something super soulful for you this week, that being Secret Lion's remix of Biggie's Machine Gun Funk

The UK producer decided to switch the mellow sounding production of the original for a more uplifting kind of sound which worked out extremely well. It gives the Ready To Die favourite a fresh twist which will certainly have you nodding your head! 

Don't forget to check out Secret Lion's recently released debut project, ... We're In This Together


As the weekend nears we're back with another #TBT track for your listening pleasure. With the success of the Chicago Cubs it felt only right to go with one of our Chi-Town residents, Sey

In Hip-Hop today artists generally go with the trap sound or the more traditional 'dusty' sound which became prominent in the 90s. Sey can go down both of those roads but at the same time he's not afraid to widen the sonic palette he dips into. Sey's decision to hop on Beat Culture's track of the same name is a perfect example of this. 

#BYAK2 coming soon!