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[ThursdayFocus] Sounds for Summer Vol. II

There’s only a few weeks left of Summer now and whether you’re a fan of summer or you can’t stand the heat, we’ve put together a collection of songs that should serve pretty well as part of your soundtrack for the rest of the season.

Want more? Then make sure to check out Vol. 1.

[ThursdayFocus] Journeys with @JohnBerryPhotog (Vol. 1)

One of the great things about music is that it has the ability it has to take your mind to different times and different places. So for our latest ThursdayFocus series, we wanted to explore music’s ability to do this and there was no better artist to aid us in our journeys than our very own, John Berry.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journeys that these 3 songs will take you on.

[ThursdayFocus] The Highlights of the 'Season' Series

For this week’s edition of ThursdayFocus, we’re reflecting on the Season series. The season series features 4 collections of music from our diverse roster of rappers, singers and producers.

These tracks are some of our personal favourites and we’re sure you’ll mess with them. Hit play!

[ThursdayFocus] The Best of Bear Blu!

Even though it has been a while since we’ve heard any new tracks from the Bear Blu! project, we are still very proud of the many soulful and upbeat tracks that were created by Blu before he switched the moniker.

So if you’re into feel-good vibes, then be sure to check out the tracks below from one of the founding members of TheDREAMERS. They still bump!