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[ThursdayFocus] The Remixes Vol. II

Back in January we gave you Vol. 1 which contained some of the best remixes from our artists and now we’re back for Vol. II.

[ThursdayFocus] The Instrumentals

ThursdayFocus is back once again and this week we are focusing purely on the instrumental tracks made by the producers from our collective.

Some of the tracks were beats made with the intention of an artist using them, and some were made just as a way for the producers to express their own artistic ideas. Either way, we’ve picked some of our favorites so click play and enjoy!

[ThursdayFocus] @NewDarkAge's Best Standalone Tracks

In the last couple of years or so NewDarkAge has put out 3 fantastic projects, Play This Only at Daylight, NIGHTHAWK, and have blue.

The UK producer released a lot of great standalone tracks before these projects though and for this week’s edition of ThursdayFocus, we wanted to highlight our favorites.

Listen below and make sure to give NDA a follow on his Soundcloud and Twitter.

[ThursdayFocus] All of the Lyrics + Annotations for @SeyMC's 'Hi-Fi Stereo'

If you’ve been paying attention to our new weekly segment, ‘Liner Notes’, then you may have already noticed that Sey has been posting the lyrics and annotations on Genius for each song from his latest album, ‘Hi-Fi Stereo’.

The lyrics and annotations were being posted on a weekly basis and as of yesterday, all of the lyrics are now available. So for this week’s edition of ThursdayFocus, we just wanted to highlight that you can now check out all of the lyrics by clicking here. There are also details on the production as well as the inspiration behind each of the 14 tracks.

We’ll be continuing ‘Liner Notes’ for the foreseeable future and next week, we’ll be covering Gordo’s ‘Real’ so watch out for that on Wednesday.

Hi-Fi Stereo II coming soon.