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#TBT @realmattyfresh - Mamonaku Machiya

#TBT is back once again and this week's track is Matty Fresh's 'Mamonaku Machiya'. 

Matty is known for making hip-hop beats that are both raw and soulful - this instrumental stays in line with that tradition.

Make sure to check out the full album: The Ginza Crime Library.

#TBT @ProducerAX - Trips

Welcome back to our #TBT series, this week's track is AX's 'Trips'. 

Released as a loosie, the song has both trippy and ambient elements to it while also containing simple-yet-smooth hip-hop drums. The song is about ... Well, we'll let you decide for yourself. 

AX has several projects in the works which will be released this year, be on the lookout! 

#TBT @JohnBerryPhotog - Morning Sun

Another Thursday, another edition of our #TBT series. This week's track is John Berry's 'Morning Sun'.

The track is taken is from 'Moon Songs', a project which featured a number of collaborations between John and his talented friends. It's difficult to think of a purely instrumental track of his that isn't great, but you simply get a different vibe when he has vocalists perform over his instrumentation.

The vocalists sound great too,  credit goes to Bud Clowers, Alexandra Maxwell and Marcella Krupski. Gotta love a good collab! 

Make sure to check out the rest of Moon Songs, and while you're at it, make sure to check out the latest tracks on John's Soundcloud

#TBT @NewDarkAge - The Witches Tale

#TBT returns and this week's track is Newdarkage's 'The Witches Tale'. 

This one is full of ambiance, eeriness and a ton of different vibes, all supported by a foundation of great 808 work and organic percussion. It's hard to say what this song is truly about, maybe it's something that can't be explained in a blog post but only through the music itself? Make sure to click that play button and see for yourself. 

The Witches Tale is taken from Have Blue, make sure to listen to the full project here. Need more? You could also check out NDA's newest project, 'Play This Only at Daylight'. 

#TBT @SeyMC - Hot Verse (Prod. Skyon)

#TBT is back once again and this week's track is Sey's 'Hot Verse', produced by Skyon. 

When an MC hears a smooth and soulful beat, they have no choice but to make it their own and Sey did exactly that with the BYAK2 cut. 

Sey and Skyon linked back up again recently for their collaborative album, 'Public Enemy No.1', make sure to check that out! 

#TBT @sxcrxt_lion - Wonder

#TBT is back once again and this week we're bringing back Secret Lion's, 'Wonder'. The track finds Secret Lion on his spacey yet upbeat vibe whilst showing off his great chopping skills, complete with a cool switch up towards the end.

For more great Secret Lion tracks, make sure to check out his Soundcloud


A repeat offender in our #TBT series, Gone is the oldest track on Gordo's Soundcloud but it still sounds fresh in 2018. 

Before Gone, Gordo was known as DTG and this track served as a quick introduction to Gordo's new name and sound, the latter being aggressive yet melodic. 

Make sure to head on over to Gordo's Soundcloud to check out the solid catalog he has been slowly but carefully building. 



#TBT @NewDarkAge - SMR

#TBT returns. This week's song is Newdarkage's 'SMR'. 

This is a track full of twists and turns, a collage of different electronic and ambient influences. Despite such an array of vibes being expressed here, it still feels really chill. Almost as if you're gliding through the sky with a strange mixture of adrenaline and serenity. 

Be sure to check out NDA's brand new project 'Play This Only at Daylight', it's a Pete Rock (among others) inspired EP and also includes SMR 2.