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#TBT The Notorious B.I.G. - Machine Gun Funk (@sxcrxt_lion Remix)

We've got something super soulful for you this week, that being Secret Lion's remix of Biggie's Machine Gun Funk. 

The UK producer decided to switch the mellow sounding production of the original for a more uplifting kind of sound which worked out extremely well. It gives the Ready To Die favorite a fresh twist that's hard not to enjoy. 

Head on over to Secret Lion's Soundcloud for more great tracks. 


#TBT @realmattyfresh - Mamonaku Machiya

#TBT is back once again and this week's track is Matty Fresh's 'Mamonaku Machiya'. 

Matty is known for making hip-hop beats that are both raw and soulful - this instrumental stays in line with that tradition.

Make sure to check out the full album: The Ginza Crime Library.

#TBT @GORDOEATS - For The Weeknd (Feat. @SeyMC & @MTreyChicago)(Prod. @lilalgorithms)

Just 1 more day until the weekend now and this week's #TBT track is the perfect preparation for it. 

Taken from Season III, the TI$CI produced track features Gordo, Sey & M-Trey detailing what goes down when the weekend rolls around. 

Make sure to check out Gordo's EP 'The Finals' and to look out for what he's got in store for the future. 

#TBT @NewDarkAge - The Witches Tale

#TBT returns and this week's track is Newdarkage's 'The Witches Tale'. 

This one is full of ambiance, eeriness and a ton of different vibes, all supported by a foundation of great 808 work and organic percussion. It's hard to say what this song is truly about, maybe it's something that can't be explained in a blog post but only through the music itself? Make sure to click that play button and see for yourself. 

The Witches Tale is taken from Have Blue, make sure to listen to the full project here. Need more? You could also check out NDA's newest project, 'Play This Only at Daylight'. 

#TBT @SeyMC - Hot Verse (Prod. Skyon)

#TBT is back once again and this week's track is Sey's 'Hot Verse', produced by Skyon. 

When an MC hears a smooth and soulful beat, they have no choice but to make it their own and Sey did exactly that with the BYAK2 cut. 

Sey and Skyon linked back up again recently for their collaborative album, 'Public Enemy No.1', make sure to check that out! 

#TBT @realmattyfresh - One Step Away

The first #TBT post of March is here and this week's track is Matty Fresh's 'One Step Away', 

The 2014 boom-bap track feels like something that could be right at home in a martial arts/crime flick. As always, Matty's sampling and MPC skills were on point.  

For more of Matty's music, make sure to check out his Soundcloud page

#TBT @sxcrxt_lion - Wonder

#TBT is back once again and this week we're bringing back Secret Lion's, 'Wonder'. The track finds Secret Lion on his spacey yet upbeat vibe whilst showing off his great chopping skills, complete with a cool switch up towards the end.

For more great Secret Lion tracks, make sure to check out his Soundcloud

#TBT John Berry - Moon Walk

With all of the lunar activity yesterday evening, it feels like a natural choice to have John Berry's 'Moon Walk' as this week's #TBT track. 

Epic as ever, in this track of John Berry's you once again feel like you're on a grand journey, this time walking seamlessly through space. The track also features Bud Clowers on drums.

Want to check our a full project by John Berry? We recommend Big North.