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[ThursdayFocus] @newdarkage's Discography Thus Far

Newdarkage has been producing for artists and releasing singles for a good bit of time now, but in the last couple of years, he has started releasing some excellent solo projects of his own. So in this week's edition of ThursdayFocus, we thought we'd put those projects into one place so that you can hear them for yourself. 

Also, make sure to look out for NDA's upcoming production on Sey's next album as well as our compilation project, Season 4. His music just keeps getting better and better, so there's every reason to be excited! 

#TBT Bear Blu! - Like This

With the weekend almost here, it's about that time for this week's #TBT post. This time Bear Blu!'s Summer-inspired track 'Like This' makes the cut. 

Co-Produced by Dirty Trix, the deadly duo assembled samples from Common and Jurassic 5 before adding their own sounds to provide the shine for this perfect summertime joint. 

Want more of the same and then some? Be sure to head on over to Bear Blu's Soundcloud for a couple of hours. 

#TBT @ProducerAX - Hypnotized

Every Thursday we post a #TBT track, this week it's AX's smooth R&B instrumental, 'Hypnotized'. 

The song is comprised of ambient pads, slick keys and soulful vocals which make it very reminiscent of the 'Toronto sound' that brings to mind artists such as Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, 40 and so on. This is one to just relax and vibe out to, enjoy! 

Be on the lookout for the UK producer's upcoming album Hyperreality (currently in the mixing and mastering stage). 

#TBT @weareivol & @JohnBerryPhotog - Out To Sea(e)

This week's #TBT track is Ivol and John Berry's SIII collab, 'Out To Sea(e)'. 

While being only about a year old, the collab between the two is not really that much of a throwback but it's a song that definitely deserves some more attention. With John Berry on the guitar strings and Ivol providing the vocals, the Season III finale track makes for one that is both chilled out and contemplative. 

Make sure to check out Ivol's new track, Inside, Also, don't forget to vibe out to John Berry's newest project, Moon Songs



#TBT @JohnBerryPhotog - Islands

With Spring in full effect it felt only right to go with John Berry track for this week's instalment of #TBT.

Taken from Big North, 'Islands' is perfect for the season with Berry using his guitar to guide the track along with further assistance from the natural percussion and soothing background vocals. 

If you need a soundtrack for Spring/Summer then be sure to check out Big North in it's entirety. 3 years later and it still sounds amazing! 



#TBT JohnBerryPhotog - Morning's End

It's about that time for #TBT and this week we're back to share John Berry's 'Morning's End'. 

Quite often with short tracks you're left underwhelmed and you think, "why didn't the artist/band make this longer?" That's not the case this time however as Berry was able to successfully create a quick burst of pure serenity that you can't be mad at. By the time those wonderful vocals come in you'll probably see/hear what we mean. 

Still want to hear more? Then be sure to check out Moon Songs


#TBT John Berry - Indian Summer

It's about that time. #TBT is back once again and this week John Berry's Indian Summer gets the nod.

As with most songs from John Berry, track 7 from Big North is driven smoothly by Berry on the acoustic guitar. That's not all though, there's also great natural percussion and vocals from himself as well as Delbert HUNT III, Thomas LaVoy, Heather Evans and Bud Clowers. I wouldn't mind an Indian summer right now.

Want more from John Berry? Then be sure to check our his contributions on our label compilation, Season III


As the weekend nears we're back with another #TBT track for your listening pleasure. With the success of the Chicago Cubs it felt only right to go with one of our Chi-Town residents, Sey

In Hip-Hop today artists generally go with the trap sound or the more traditional 'dusty' sound which became prominent in the 90s. Sey can go down both of those roads but at the same time he's not afraid to widen the sonic palette he dips into. Sey's decision to hop on Beat Culture's track of the same name is a perfect example of this. 

#BYAK2 coming soon!